Welcome! My name is Justin, and I make software.

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Champions TT
Champions TT is a Triple Triad game, based on the one introduced in Final Fantasy VIII, and building on the world of League of Legends. An exercise using Riot's data API, Node for the back end, React for the front, and AWS with Ansible to manage deployment.
Bobble and Weave
Bobble and Weave is my take on Ludum Dare 41's theme: 'Combine 2 Incompatible Genres'. Players weave through traffic while attempting to play an unrelated bubble busting puzzle game on their cellphone. Created in Unity with the help of some models from the Unity asset store for the fences and vehicles.
Red Zone Rush
Red Zone Rush lets you play as a missile dodging feline who must survive 60 seconds of increasingly hellish missile barrages. My entry for Fantasy Console Jam 3, built for the PICO-8. Art and other assets by me. Placed 3rd for art/graphics, 5th overall and for theme utilization.
Claws in Cloudland
The beautiful world of Cloudland has been invaded by nightmares, and only Claws can bring the land back into balance. Run, jump, and collect your way through an endless world in the sky. Built in Unity with my own art. Outsourced sound, UI and fonts. Free in Play Store!
Super Sushi Artist
This was a daily drawing challenge that turned into an experiment with PICO-8. It's a simple match three game with a sushi theme. PICO-8 is a blast to work with and I think it will be a go-to in future jams. Code is available on Lexaloffe BBS.
Katamari Tomocy
We had a 2 day hackathon at work to utilize our new place intelligence API in a fun way. Inspired by Katamari Damacy, you are Tomo (a company icon) and you must learn about as many places as possible to become a travel deity. My goal was to play with Mapbox GL's 3D capabilities, which turned out a little sluggish for gaming.
Run, Deforester, Run!
This is my solo entry into Ludum Dare 39. You are a powerful tree-fueled robot, Deforester, and your task is to consume as much shrubbery as you can before your energy is depleted or you fall into the abyss. Use up or space to jump or to reset after death. Code is available on my GitHub.
Tidy up!
This is my solo entry into Ludum Dare 37. You are a magnificent organizer that makes junk disappear. Gameplay is like Tetris in 4 directions from the center. Code is available on my GitHub.
Me, the artist
After a lifetime of doodling in sketchbooks and the margins of class notes, I'm really trying to develop my artistic skill. My focus is on pixel art and digital painting. Most of my work ends up on my game dev and art Twitter account
Samurai Florist
An unreleased mobile game I designed and built using Unity. My goal was to make the kind of mobile games that get me hooked - fast paced, combo-driven gameplay, beautiful aesthetics and dead simple input. Graphics in the demo are placeholders
Introducing Imagineer
Roadtrippers recently open up Imagineer, our scalable lightweight image service. It's cool because it uses AWS' Lambda service, saves us money, and does so in very little code. It's also cool because I designed and developed it!
Lambda: Bees with Frickin' Laser Beams
For the Roadtrippers log, I put together an intro to AWS Lambda packaged as a tutorial for writing a load testing script. The finished source is available at https://github.com/roadtrippers/beeswithfrickinlaserbeams.
Fun with AI and snake game mechanics
Sandbox of snake functionality to play with building AI and with game mechanics. Multiplayer functionality to come. Animated with simple CSS. You are mint green!
Parallel Universes with Conway's Game of Life
Conway's Game of Life is always fun to play with. I've stacked three instances on top of each other, represented by RGB values, to make an interesting visualization.
Elysery, blog and portfolio for artist Elyse Hall
Elyse, my wife, designed this site to showcase her work and her heart. It's simple JS/CSS/HTML built with Jekyll, and has blog, contact, and gallery components.
Roadtrippers trip planner and discovery engine
The Roadtrippers web app is built on a massive Ruby on Rails back end with Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL. The desktop front end is a SPA with Backbone on a Mapbox map. The mobile site is built with minimal, native JS.
Moonshot, game launcher front end for Lexitron
Lexitron is a custom arcade cabinet built by Run Jump Dev, a video game organization in Lexington, KY. Moonshot runs on Node.js and manages input, game management, and has a stylish animated UI.
Designed personal page with hidden shoot 'em up
Designed and produced to kick off my post graduate job search. A minigame is hidden at the bottom of this single page site. After engaging, the user can blow up all of my hard work.
3D model gallery with annotation tools
Built for the Lichfield Cathedral project at the UK College of Arts & Sciences. Annotate polygonal regions on the surface of the model. Built with three.js and persisted through Drupal.